Top 5 GoPro cases you can depend on

GoPro cameras are built to withstand any extreme activities such as sky diving or surfing. It can be a bit messy carrying all those accessories around when travelling. Owning a GoPro case helps you keep all those spare batteries, power adaptors, mounts, and memory cards in one place and can keep your GoPro camera from being damaged. These are the top GoPro cases you can depend on for keeping your GoPro accessories safe and sound.

Camkix GoPro Case

The Camkix GoPro Camera Case comes with an all-around zip with a carry handle and a carabiner clip that ensures that your accessories won’t just fall off. It is equipped with foam padding on all sides to protect your things from minor falls and impact. The high quality EVA interior allows you to customize the interior to suit your needs. The camera case comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and extra-large. This affordable case is perfect for those looking for flexibility and simplicity.

Thule Legend

The Thule Legend GoPro Case protects your GoPro equipment with its crushproof, padded compartments with its removable die-cast foam pad so you can those hard-to-reach areas from dirt, sand, mud, and dust. The light blue interior makes it easier to pick up darker colored accessories especially when you’re working in a dim-lighted environment. This GoPro case comes with two variants; the TLGC-101 and the TLGC-102. The TLGC-101’s compact design can carry one camera and a handful of accessories, while the TLGC-102 offers more room for accessories and camera.

 Smatree Smacase GoPro Case

The Smatree Smacase may be a bit mouthful to pronounce, but it is definitely one of the GoPro cases that you can depend on. The lightweight and compact GoPro case comes with EVA foam that is designed to carry only one camera, but is also customizable to fit two cameras by sacrificing the space of the accessories. It also comes with a mesh pocket to fit in cables and memory cards and for a non-crushproof case, it has a pretty strong case that can protect the camera and accessories from minor damages.

Pelican Case – a GoPro Case that you can depend on

Among the GoPro cases that were mentioned in this list, this GoPro case is the toughest case for your GoPro camera and accessories. It can withstand any unforgiving treatment with its dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof casing. There are variety of models that differ in size and color. The interior of the case is highly customizable with its various foam shapes that may be bought separately or is included with the case depending on the seller. Though it is really heavy to carry around even when empty, the Pelican case is the best GoPro case that can protect your things without spending too much.

Go Professional Pro Watertight Rugged Case

The Go Professional Watertight Rugged Case is a rugged GoPro case built with dustproof ABS solid wall design with strong, light weight O-ring seal that provides extra protection for your GoPro camera and accessories. With its customized foam cavities, it is easier to organize your spare batteries, power cords, memory cards, mounts, and housings. It can store only one camera and has a hollow bottom to fit the accessories you need. For its price tag, the Go Professional Pro Watertight Rugged Case definitely does a good job in protecting its contents.

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