Best GoPro Editing Software

Your hard disk is getting full of footage you shot with your GoPro camera?


To get you started, we selected the three best GoPro editing software available today.

There are dozens of video editing software out there, so how do you choose the best? Among other criteria, to be crown the best in it’s class, the software has to be easy to use, it must allow adjustment and corrections. The two paid solutions we recommend also offer a variety of effects and plugins.

The support or community available is an important factor to consider as well.

There’s a Free option!

We had to include a free solution in this selection. GoPro Studio can be downloaded directly from GoPro’s website and it’s absolutely free.

It offers what you would expect from a quality video editing software plus a little more. We liked it’s feture for slow motions, that is very usefull with GoPro footage amons other things.

Note that GoPro studio also supports a wide range of other video file formats making it easy to match footage shot from different cameras and even DSLRs.

Check out our in depth review of GoPro Studio for more info.




 The Intermediate

Adobe Premiere Elements for GoPro video

Adobe Premiere Elements is definitely our favorite solution out of the three. It’s targeted to the cutromer market but it offers most of the fetures that even a professional video editor could work with. The only major drawback is that it does not support the 4k format. Is that a real issue? Well if you don’t have a 4k tv, I guess that’s not an issue.

Adobe has been around for so many years, their experience building photo editing and video editing software really shines in this version of Adobe Premiere Elements.

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Why should you choose this video editing software over an other?

  • It’s drag and drop video editing made by the BEST software company out there!

  • Slow-motion effects are super easy to realize.

  • It has built in video tutorials.

  • Full HD compatible and let’s you export to pretty much any format!

Click here for the download link

Because all these raw videos are sitting on you hard drive doing nothing, just waiting to be edited and shared to the world…

You owe it to yourself, after all you did shoot these footages with the great intention NOW IT’S TIME YOU SHOWCASE YOUR HARD WORK!

Don’t be afraid, the learning curve for this software is pretty short and you will be editing like a PRO in no time.

Now don’t get me wrong, this toll is powerful! Beginners and Advance users will love it’s flexibility and the wide rand of effects it offers.


Take a quick look a the powerful features of this software



 Get creative and showcase you best GoPro videos with this amazing software. Instant download is available so you could be editing your videos TODAY!

 You can find more info about Adobe Premiere Elements here.



The Pro Solution

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a great video editing software best suited for both enthusiasts and professional video editors.

Just like the majority of the editing softwares, Premiere works by importing video from a source such as a GoPro footage onto your hard drive, then allowing you to produce movies from these clips.

Premiere Pro is a strong editing tool, suitable for broadcast-quality HD video. It is a very popular amongst video enthusiasts and professionals, although other packages are usually preferred for the very top level of television production, but their cost if prohibitive.

The interface is clean and user friendly.

Like most editing software you can:

  • Import video, audio and graphics in a wide variety of formats.
  • Edit, manipulate and arrange these components in a visual timeline.
  • Add effects
  • Make corrections and adjustments
  • Add filters
  • Add titles…


Worth mentioning

There’s a built in audio editing app inside Adobe Premiere Pro the we have found very useful.

You can get Adobe Premiere Pro alone or part of a bundle of software from Adobe such Photoshop, After Effects, etc.

Yes, Premiere Pro is the most expensive solution out of the three we prose here, but it’s performance and interface make it a solid choice if you are serious about video editing.

Check out our in depth review of Adobe Premiere Pro here.

Adobe Premiere Pro Download link



Make the Best Movies with the Best GoPro Video Editing Software!

Skydiving, motorcycle racing, snowboarding, surfing… the list goes on and on! It’s just so much fun to shoot videos with your GoPro camera that you end up like me, with a hard drive full of un-edited, raw GoPro footage, that just sits there collecting dust rather than impressing your friends.

What you need now is a video editing software!