GoPro Hero+ LCD Review

GoPro Hero+ LCD: An Affordable GoPro camera with Screen

GoPro had released a new model in their lineup just recently, the GoPro Hero+ LCD. Unlike its predecessors except for the GoPro Hero4 Silver, this affordable GoPro camera with screen does not need a LCD BacPac add-on because it already has a built-in touchscreen, making it easier to view photos and videos without the additional weight and bulk of having the LCD BacPac add-on. As those familiar with the product naming of GoPro, the Hero+ LCD is part of the first generation of GoPro cameras. Its technical capabilities are below the capabilities of the GoPro Hero4 and Hero4 silver models, but it is well above the GoPro Hero camera. It combines the simplicity and easy-to-use design of the Hero and some of the features and Hero4 Black and Silver models, making it great for people who want an all-in-one camera with an affordable price.


GoPro Hero+ LCD Features

GoPro Capturing Quality

The GoPro Hero+ LCD can record videos 1080p and 720p with 60 frames per second and 8 Megapixels photos with speeds up to 5 frames per second and comes with a Time Lapse mode and Burst mode. This affordable GoPro camera with screen also comes with user-friendly modes such as QuickCapture, SuperView, and Auto Low Light which provides a great experience in using the GoPro Hero+.

      • SuperView mode – it sets the camera to capture a wide-angle perspective, allowing its user to capture more of the subject and the surroundings of the subject.
      • Auto Low Light – This feature detects the brightness of the room and adjusts the frame rates based on the brightness to optimize the GoPro camera in low light conditions, making it possible to take pictures or videos in low lighted environment without adjusting the camera.


HiLight Tagging System

It also has a HiLight Tagging system that allows users to tag a specific time while recording or during preview and view them later.  This feature is perfect for quickly viewing important moments without searching through the video aimlessly.


Connectivity made easier

This camera is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing users to view their shots and videos through the GoPro App and easily share them through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so anyone can share the fun and action in just a few minutes.


Affordable Camera with screen

The most notable of all the features of this camera is the built-in screen of the camera. It is the second model of the GoPro cameras that feature a built-in screen. This screen has touch capabilities making it easier to preview shots and videos and to navigate menus and adjusting settings.


Rugged and Durable design

Just like its predecessors, the GoPro Hero+ can withstand anything that is thrown at it and can still work just fine. The camera is built into its water housing, which eliminates the hassle of changing the housings. The rear backdoor can be opened, which shows the MicroSD card slot and the Micro USB port and it is waterproof of up to 40 meters (131 feet).

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