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A Comprehensive GoPro Overview

Right now, on the GoPro official website, there are 6 different models of GoPros, all with their own unique functions. Different GoPro comparisons are all over the internet right now. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, it can be confusing figuring out which one is the best for you. Here’s a list of all the GoPros available currently, with all the info you need to make an informed decision.


GoPro Hero

The first item on this list is GoPro’s stock experience – the GoPro Hero. As you can see in the table below, the camera has basic movie-making functionalities at the attractive cost of 129.99$. It shoots at 720p at 60FPS, or at 1080p for 30FPS. The camera is 5MP, and the battery life for the original Hero is about 1.5 hours.


I’d say that if your budget is extremely tight, then this would be the most optimal GoPro for you. However, this GoPro should mainly be used for leisure – this isn’t really something made for users who are aiming for something more professional. The HERO4 Session delivers a much better experience at only 60$ more, so I’d check that out. Trust me, the Session is much better in a GoPro comparison.



The Hero+, as its name suggests, is a step up from the original Hero. The price is 60 dollars more than the Hero at 199.99$. The Hero+ brings some noticeable improvements over the original – for example, the camera can shoot in 1080p for 60FPS. With the Hero+, you don’t have to make a choice to sacrifice a better picture for a smoother movie, like with the Hero. However, the Hero+ also improves because it allows you to connect with Wi-Fi – you can then hook it up to a remote to make movie making easier.

So yes, the Hero+ is definitely better than the original. However, the Hero+’s cost of 199.99$ is identical to the newer, in my opinion better, HERO4 Session. Therefore although this is a great camera that gives your money’s worth, it really isn’t a good choice to buy when a better camera for the same cost exists already.


Hero+ LCD

There really isn’t much to say here – the Hero+ LCD is pretty much the Hero+ with a LCD screen on the back. The two GoPros mentioned above don’t have a screen, so there isn’t really a

way that you can preview your video before you actually put it onto a computer. Anyway, this display comes at the added cost of 100 dollars – it’s 299.99$. GoPro Hero +lcd


I’d say only get the Hero+ LCD if you absolutely can’t afford a HERO4 Silver, and you have to have the LCD screen on the back at all costs. Otherwise, I’d say either get the Session or the Silver. $100 for a screen on the back doesn’t really sit well with me for some reason.

More Hero+ LCD review here.

HERO4 Session

GoPro sessionAh, now we’re at the Session! I’ve mentioned this camera quite a bit beforehand, and here’s why I like it. It comes at the same price as the Hero+, but you get a much better experience. You can shoot at a max of 1440p versus the 1080p maximum of the Hero+, and it’s also much more compact, if you like having a small camera. You also gain the option to use 1080p superview and 960p – not necessarily anything particularly special, but at least you have the ability to customize a bit more.


Anyway, if you really look at it, there isn’t that much of a difference between this and the Hero+. However, it’s just a bit better, and I’d say that if you can get something a bit better than another at the same cost, why not?


HERO4 Silver

gopro hero silverThis is where we get into more of a professional-suited GoPro. The price reflects this, at a price of $399.99. The camera has more choices for your field of view, as well as the ability to shoot in a sharp 4K. The camera is also at a sharp 12 MP. Another great feature about the Silver is its touch display. Basically, this camera improves drastically in every way in comparison to the other GoPros.


For the GoPro hobbyist, I’d say to get this one if you have a lot of money to spare. For the average GoPro user there isn’t much that the Black offers that you’ll notice with the Silver. You’ll get a much more professional looking movie with this than you will with the other entry-level cameras. However, most of this potential will pretty much be wasted on someone who just started. The only piece of advice I’d give the beginner is to perhaps buy a Session and wait off on getting the more professional ones – you won’t really be able to utilize the features on a higher end camera properly.


HERO4 Black

The last item on this list is the HERO4 Black at 499.99$. This is GoPro’s most professional-grade camera, and one can see it in its monumental list of features – it can shoot at 4K 30FPS, as well as the ability to shoot in 4K superview. There is so much to offer in this camera. However, there isn’t any touch display on this camera.


Again, this recommendation is more common sense than anything. As with the last one, get this only if you’re confident that you will utilize all 500 bucks you spend on this thing. If you are a professional who has to beat the competition with a clearer video, get this! Otherwise, get a cheaper one.


So what does this mean?

All this information can be used to your advantage when selecting a GoPro. However, this is what my recommendation is – if you’re absolutely broke, get the original. Otherwise get the Session as it’ll make your movies a lot better. Then, get the Silver if you have money floating around. Choosing a GoPro is insanely hard because of the extraordinary amount of customization the company gives you. Thanks for reading, and these are my two cents! Also included beneath here is a table full of the more technical things you might wonder about all wrapped up in a neat little package.


Hero Hero+ Hero+ LCD HERO4 Session HERO4 Silver HERO4 Black
Price 129.99 199.99 299.99 199.99 399.99 499.99
Movie Quality 720-1080p 720-1080p 720-1080p 720-1440p 720-4K 720-4K
Camera Quality 5 MP 8 MP 8 MP 8 MP 12 MP 12 MP
Battery Life


~2:30 ~2:30 ~2:30 ~1:50 ~1:55 ~1:50

More details on the GoPro line up can be found in our GoPro comparison chart here.

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