Ultimate Guide to Buying a GoPro Case

GoPro cases are available in a very wide range. There are cases designed specifically for GoPro cameras while there are other cases that are designed for all types of Point Of View (POV) cameras. Buying a GoPro case basically depends on the number and kind of accessories that you are using and the number of GoPro cameras you own. GoPro cases range from very large and expensive cases to very small and affordable options.

Small GoPro Cases

These cases have space for approximately 1 to 3 GoPro cameras and also a few accessories. All GoPro cameras have a transparent housing, so the small cases include space for the housing as well as space for a few other camera accessories.

Small Soft Shell Case

These cases are very light and small, making them ideal for those travelling light or have limited space.

Soft Fabric Roll Case

These cases consist of flat fabric fitted with pockets. The pockets can be rolled into a cylinder. They are ideal for camping as they are very light.

Mid-Sized Cases

These cases are usually hard shell and are constructed with more than one removable layer in a carry case. They are more durable and stronger, with a strap or handle for carrying and clip closures. They are available in several sizes.

Larger Cases

These cases have space for a vast range of accessories and many cameras. Some of these cases are specifically designed for more specialist accessories, such as the DJI Phantom series (an accessory that is designed to allow the camera to be flown using miniature helicopter style rotors). These cases are weatherproof, and some of them are even waterproof, thus protecting the equipment in case of an accidental immersion into water, e.g. falling in a river.

Custom Made Cases

These cases are for users that have a unique range of accessories and cameras. You can have a custom case made to provide the ultimate protection for a large number of cameras and many accessories.

Buying a Case for your GoPro Camera

Before you buy a case for your GoPro camera, it is very important that you take into account how many cameras you need to house and what additional accessories you want to include. Cases that are tailored for the GoPro range are better, because the camera and the accessories will fit in the case perfectly, keeping everything secure. Universal cases are designed for Point Of View cameras generally, so the foam may need to be cut off to fit.

Although GoPro cameras cases are intended to be used by those who live an adventurous lifestyle, it is essential to think carefully about the kind of case that will be best for you. For example, rock climbers or cyclists will probably need to carry all their equipment with them, thus a small lightweight case will be easier to fit into the backpack than a large case.


GoPro cameras offer the users a chance to capture exciting and unique photos of their adventures. However, these adventures are active by nature, thus the risk of damage to the accessories and the cameras is higher than that for typical photographers. It is therefore very important to ensure that the case you choose for your GoPro will keep all your equipment and camera well-protected in transit and ready to capture the amazing adventures.

Photo credit:Nick Harris

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