Cameras like GoPro

GoPro Cameras are taking over the camera market today. They are the awesome new way of capturing amazing shots and recording quality footage. GoPro have made some of the most portable types of cameras that have the ability to record and capture videos at high resolutions of up to 4K. These cameras can compete with the heavy made and hard-to-handle traditional cameras that can record high resolutions of up to 4K.  You can just mount the GoPro camera and it will record everything from your surfing adventure to your cycling adventure in 4K, 2K or Full HD (The resolutions depend on the model of GoPro camera that you are using).



cameras like gopro

Following the rapid growth and success of the GoPro , there was a high rise in the number of action-recording GoPro cameras that offer 4K, 2K and HD resolutions despite the easy design and lightweight. Thanks to the efforts made by other companies, we now have a couple of GoPro alternatives that you can choose from if GoPro cameras seem to be an expensive solution for you. Not only are these alternatives affordable but they can also offer you enhanced features like support for using as a wearable or advanced connectivity.

To help choose an alternative, we’ve created a list of the top 3 GoPro alternatives that can be also used for adventure capturing, in a convenient manner.



The Garmin VIRB

This is a range of  adventure photography and filming cameras — {the Garmin VIRB XE and VIRB X} — that are worth-noting as GoPro alternatives for professionals and common users respectively. While VIRB X gives importance to its waterproof usage and portability, the professional version is meant to provide enhanced recording features like Pro Mode and stabilization of images. However, there are some features that make the Garmin VIRB range of cameras different from the GoPro or the other cameras like GoPro mentioned below. The Garmin VIRB cameras are all about data and activities. You can capture amazing footage and shots using the 12 megapixel camera but the Garmin VIRB then blends the footage with data such as distance, speed etc so as to make the footage look amazing.

Considering all these features offered by the Garmin VIRB cameras, they are great solutions when you need an action-adventure camera that has enough features to make your footage data-rich.


Sony HDR AS30V

This is a camera that comes with a really convenient design that will enable you to mount the camera easily. You can use a waterproof case to use the Sony HDR AS30V for water based adventure video photography. It must be noted that this camera does not support 4K video resolution. The camera is limited to Full HD videos. The Sony HDR AS30V also comes with an Exmor CMOS Image Sensor.

The camera supports NFC and Wi-Fi content sharing available in just a single tap. The camera also has GPS which can be be useful when you want to have GPS data overlay on the video output, such as displacement, time and speed. The Sony HDR AS30V also offers a couple of  Post-shooting features like map view and Multi-view video merge.

In addition to those features, Steadyshot Image Stabilization will bring you non blurred images and videos. Check out the review made from cnet on this camera.


Xiaomi YiCamera

Xiaomi have come up with a quite affordable GoPro alternative, with a combination of impressive capabilities and features – the Xiaomi YiCamera. Though it has a minimalistic design, the YiCamera is not some sort of a toy cam. You will be very astonished to find out the features that this tiny camera provides including full HD video recording.


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