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best gopro stick

Top 6 GoPro Poles – What’s the best selfie stick

In this day and age, online social media sites and apps have been becoming more and more popular with every new piece of technology that comes out, and with that came the birth of the selfie. Almost everyone with a social media account, and even some without, are guilty of taking a selfie at one point or another. The use of selfies help people document things in their life for family and friends, and with the help of a GoPro camera and GoPro pole, creators are taking their selfies to a whole new level.   People such as rock climbers,...


Spivo Stick Review

A good selfie stick needs to be as polyvalent and rugged as the camera you use it with. The Spivo stick made for the GoPro is perfect in that sense, has it can handle just as much action and adventure as your GoPro camera.

gopro hero lcd best review

GoPro Hero+ LCD Review

GoPro Hero+ LCD: An Affordable GoPro camera with Screen GoPro had released a new model in their lineup just recently, the GoPro Hero+ LCD. Unlike its predecessors except for the GoPro Hero4 Silver, this affordable GoPro camera with screen does not need a LCD BacPac add-on because it already has a built-in touchscreen, making it easier to view photos and videos without the additional weight and bulk of having the LCD BacPac add-on. As those familiar with the product naming of GoPro, the Hero+ LCD is part of the first generation of GoPro cameras. Its technical capabilities are below the...

blog featured top 5 cases

Top 5 GoPro cases you can depend on

GoPro cameras are built to withstand any extreme activities such as sky diving or surfing. It can be a bit messy carrying all those accessories around when travelling. Owning a GoPro case helps you keep all those spare batteries, power adaptors, mounts, and memory cards in one place and can keep your GoPro camera from being damaged. These are the top GoPro cases you can depend on for keeping your GoPro accessories safe and sound. Camkix GoPro Case The Camkix GoPro Camera Case comes with an all-around zip with a carry handle and a carabiner clip that ensures that your...

cameras like gopro

Cameras like GoPro

GoPro Cameras are taking over the camera market today. They are the awesome new way of capturing amazing shots and recording quality footage. GoPro have made some of the most portable types of cameras that have the ability to record and capture videos at high resolutions of up to 4K. These cameras can compete with the heavy made and hard-to-handle traditional cameras that can record high resolutions of up to 4K.  You can just mount the GoPro camera and it will record everything from your surfing adventure to your cycling adventure in 4K, 2K or Full HD (The resolutions depend...

fastest micro sd cards

Fastest Micro SD cards for Cameras

There are a lot of Micro SD cards in the markets with varying speeds, memory space, and prices. With a lot of Micro SD cards to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best Micro SD card for your needs. To pick out the best, you need to know and understand the technical specs of the Micro SD card. This guide will help you pick the fastest Micro SD cards in the market. Just like with their siblings, Compact Flash and SD cards, the speed of a microSD card will vary widely from card to card. The class...

captain gopro accessories kit

Review – Captain Accessory Kit for GoPro

Now this is a great deal! And you don’t want to miss it. GoPro accessories prices are normally out of control, but with this bundle, you get all that you need and some more at just the price of 1 or 2 normally priced accessories. Get your  today! Here’s what’s included in this kit: Car Suction Cup Mount Holder + Surface Quick Release Buckle + Long Screw Bolt. Strong suction cup,tightly keep on windshield, dashboard, console.Easily click and lock into position, 360 Degree Swivel&Tilt action. Head Strap Mount + Long Screw Bolt /Chest Belt Strap Mount + Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm...

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