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Editing Your First Movie in GoPro Studio

Basic Editing Guide For Beginners   If you’ve just finished your first basic movie in GoPro Studio, chances are that you maybe didn’t take the time to edit it. Perhaps you found the different editing tools too daunting and decided that taking the time to learn them was much too difficult. That’s exactly what I felt. However, as I kept editing the tools actually turned out to be quite easy to use. Basic editing of movies doesn’t take that long and turns a decent movie into a great one.   In this article, I’m going to give you a quick...

learn gopro video editing

Learn GoPro Video Editing

Video editing can be challenging at first, even with the best, easiest, user friendly video editing software, if you are new to video editing, you need to start to learn somewhere. Google and youtube are your friends as always when learning something new, but you can spend a lot of time searching for quality information on those sites. Youtube.com There’s one channel that I highly recommend you check out on youtube and it’s Mic Bergsma channel. He has a lot of GoPro tips on everything from camera selection to camera settings, plus some very cool travel, drone and all sorts...

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