What does FPS stands for and how it affects my GoPro videos

First of all let me clarify something: FPS stands for Frames Per Second. It’s the number of still frames captured by the camera every second that compose the video footage. NTSC standard for television is 29,7 frames per second and in cinema that use 24 frames per second.

For most application you will export you videos at 29,7 (call it 30) frames per second. So why shoot why would you shoot your videos at 60 frames per second you might ask? For slow motion. Taking a 30 second clip shot at 60FPS and paying it at 30FPS will give you a smooth 60 seconds slow motion clip.

So remember, what does FPS stands for : Frames Per Second.

This has nothing to do with the resolution, an all other topic witch describes the number of pixels captured horizontally and vertically by the camera.

General rule:
Shooting everything at a higher frame rate than 30FPS like 60FPS of 120FPS will generate huge files and is often no necessary. If you are shooting sports, or you intend edit your videos into slow motion later then use the higher frame rate. When you’re filming a film, episodic TV, music videos, etc., then shoot 24FPS, if you are shooting a non-episodic TV show ( news, interview…) shoot 30FPS… those recommendations will give you the look and feel customers expect seeing for those specific types of video clip.

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