The Ultimate guide in buying the best used GoPro Camera

Whether using it for capturing that breathtaking backflip while jumping off a cliff or just simply walking around the city, GoPro cameras are a popular choice among professionals and casual users alike. As much as anyone would want to have one, a GoPro camera can cost as much as 500$ (depending on the model). For those who are tight on budget but are still considering in buying a GoPro camera, this guide contains tips and tricks in buying the best used GoPro Camera

Should one buy a used GoPro Camera?

It is preferable that anyone looking for a GoPro camera should buy a brand new one rather than a pre-owned to ensure that the camera is in best condition and is covered by warranty. However, if buying a brand new GoPro camera is too expensive, buying used GoPro cameras may also be an option though some sellers do not offer warranty or some parts might not be included in the transaction.

Where does one buy a used GoPro Camera?

Sites like Ebay and Amazon offers a wide selection of used GoPro cameras. With their customer service and policies, anyone may be ensured that their transaction is safe and reliable. Craiglist is also a good place to find used GoPro cameras since buyers can contact the sellers and inspect the cameras themselves.

What to look for in buying the best used GoPro Camera?

Photo Credit: Gordon Tarpley (flickr)

Photo Credit: Gordon Tarpley (flickr)

When it comes to buying pre-owned items, everyone wants a good bargain. These are the things to look for when buying a used GoPro camera:

  • Choosing the best specification which fits the budget

When buying a used GoPro camera, the first thing to do is to find the best GoPro camera that would fit the budget. Although it does not necessarily mean that it is the best camera, it is the ideal camera than most within the price range. Taking note of the model, condition, price, and accessories can help whether or not it is a good deal for its price.

  • Finding the best condition of the desired camera

It may not be easy to find GoPro cameras that are in mint condition since most of these are used in capturing footages of extreme sports. Scrapes and cracks may be expected. Minor scratches and scruffs can be tolerable as long as it does not affect the performance of the camera.

  • Knowing the previous activities of the camera

Cameras that were used in underwater activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling are often times better than other cameras since these types of cameras are being kept in a waterproof housing and are in better condition than most. Some cameras might have a history for breaking down or showing some minor defects so knowing these things can help assess the bargain.

  • Finding the best time to buy a GoPro camera

Since GoPro cameras are really popular, the prices of the used cameras often changes regularly. These changes can represent an opportunity to find great deals of outgoing models. Professionals usually upgrade their equipment to the latest version, selling off their old equipment. These surges of old equipment drags the prices down, making it cheaper to find the best used GoPro camera that is fit in anyone’s budget


In closing, remember that when a new GoPro model comes out, the price of the old models will go down, if that’s the model you were looking at, it might be the time to buy. Always look for bundles, GoPro accessories can be expensive and if the used GoPro you are looking to buy comes with lots of equipment, this is definitely a plus. Good luck bargain hunting!

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